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6th CARISMA International Conference on Medium and High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells from 27th– 30th August 2019 in Duisburg

The CARISMA conference series is specifically devoted to the challenges in developing fuel cell materials and membrane electrode assemblies for the medium and high temperature range targeted for transport and stationary applications. The conference will be the opportunity for presentation of recent results, discussion and debate on the solutions sought internationally to the bottlenecks associated with operation at higher temperatures, with an international programme of invited lectures, oral and poster contributions, organized to promote a review of important issues related to materials development and durability for PEMFC systems. The conference is the sixth in the series initiated by the CARISMA European Coordination Action on Intermediate and High Temperature Membrane Electrode Assemblies.

You are invited to present your recent work covering Membrane, Electrodes, BPPs, Stacks, Modelling relevant to MT/HT PEMFCs or electrolysers operated at middle (>100°C) and high temperatures (>150°C). The full list of conference topics can be found in the webpages:

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Some of the confirmed speakers:
Masahiro Watanabe - University of Yamanashi (JP)
Yu Seung Kim - Los Alamos National Laboratory (US)
Anders Korsgaard - Blue World Technologies (DK)
Klaus-Dieter Kreuer – Max Planck Institute (DE)
Steven Holdcroft  - Simon Fraser University (CA)
Hans Aage Hjuler - Danish Power Systems (DK)
Deborah Jones - Université Montpellier  (FR)
Ben Gould - US Naval Research (US)
Joannis Kallitsis - University of Patras (GR)

Conference topics include: Proton conducting membranes Fuel cells catalysts and supports Electrodes and MEAs Lifetime and degradation Modelling/simulation Novel techniques for MEA characterization Alkaline anion-exchange membrane fuel cells Inorganic proton conductors Direct fuel cells Stacks and stack components