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Injection Moulded Bipolar Plates for HT PEM

production and tests successfull

Spritzgegossene HT Bipolarplatten

Luft-Temperierter 7-Zeller mit SG-Platten

Injection moulding of bipolar plates for high-temperature operation has now been demonstrated successfully at ZBT. The produced plates have been tested in single cells and short stacks. 

The bipolar plates have to stand significant chemical and electrochemical harmful influences and temperatures up to 200 °C which limits the usability of materials for the plates. So far bpp for the HT PEM are being hot pressed and milled at ZBT, the challenging injection moulding process is now also demonstrated using ZBT materials. In a project financed by german ministry for economics ZBT and its partner IPE of university Duisburg-Essen have developed the compound and the parameters for the injection moulding process. 

On the basis of the produced plates a HT PEM short stack  (7 cells / 50 cm2 /  100 Watt) has been tested, a single cell has being operated for 500 hrs. No significant abnormalities compared to hot pressed plates could be observed from the measurement data. 

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