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Components for Redox-Flow-Batteries

A redox flow battery is an electrochemical system consisting of two different electrolytes with redox pairs in which energy can be saved. The positive (catholyte) and the negative electrolyte (anolyte) may be stored in two separate reservoirs. Both electrolytes have to be transported through an electrochemical cell by means of two pumps for energy conversion. This cell consists of two half-cells separated by a membrane. In each half-cell an electrode made of graphite is included at which the redox reaction takes place. Development and manufacturing optimization are important tasks in order to establish these energy stores in the market.




Development partner ZBT

extruded flow plate for RF batteries
Strangextrudiertes Funktionsmuster einer RD-Separatorplatte mit nachträglich eingebrachten Funktionselementen

For the development of RF-Batteries ZBT has an extensive experience in the development of fuel cells which is an essential basis for design and construction of such energy storage systems. Contributions of ZBT to research and development activities of companies and research facilities include:

  • Development of cell components (especially seperator plates, gaskets)
  • Design and testing of stack concepts
  • Technical Intergation of redox flow cells in battery systems (systems engineering, peripheral equipment)
  • Ex-situ qualification of materials for battery and system components

The production of a nearly one square meter and continuously produced compound plate was tested exemplary together with the company Centroplast GmbH. This is to be used for large stack concepts as needed in the flow battery. Current research in this field is the optimization of materials for the production process.

Last update:  16.08.2021