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Portrait of Andreas Gusak

Andreas Gusak

Group Leader
Department Electrolysis

phone: +49 203 7598-4287

Test and degradation analysis

Safe and predictable operation is crucial for the industrial use of electrolysers. To this end, the Test and Degradation Analysis group operates test rigs for PEM electrolysis cells and stacks, and works on method development for in-situ degradation analysis. Our test capabilities range from small electrolysis cells with 5 cm² cell area to test stands for stack prototypes with 500 cm² and 2000 A.

For the degradation analysis, the states of the electrolyzer and the process engineering system components are permanently monitored and state analyses are carried out and state predictions made on the basis of this overall system. In doing so, we draw on many years of experience in electrolyzer operation and modern machine learning methods. The numerical models are supplemented with classical electrochemical methods such as polarization characteristics and impedance spectroscopy.

Our goal is to be able to determine the electrolysis state on the basis of the smallest changes during normal operation.

This is what we can do for you:

  • Short-time tests of single cells in 5 cm² and 25 cm² scale incl. electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Fully automated test operation of short stacks with up to 40 kW at maximum 20 V and 2000 A and up to 35 bar in differential or constant pressure mode
  • Support in the development of test protocols
  • Support in data evaluation and interpretation
  • Support in the development of system components and sensor technology

Examples of our work

electrolysis stack test bench up to 35 bar (anode and cathode), 2,000 A, 40 kW
Dynamic investigation of electrolysis systems within the framework of Carbon2Chem
Development of components for electrolysers
Unit for tests and for degradation analysis
Unit for tests and for degradation analysis
Last update:  22.08.2023