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Lars Kühnemann

Dipl.-Ing. Lars Kühnemann

Teamleader stack design for metallic bipolar plates
Department fuel cells and stacks

Tel.: +49-203-7598-1257

Design of bipolar plates

Together with our partners and customers, we develop designs for metal and graphite bipolar plates and optimize them in terms of power density, lifetime and manufacturability.

Our scope of work includes:

  • Specification development
  • Consulting, support and benchmarking of cell components (MEA, material and coating BPP, sealing materials)
  • CAD design development of bipolar plates for mobile and stationary applications
  • CFD simulation and fluidic optimization
  • Production of test geometries for validation of cell performance
  • Support in communication with manufacturing partners
  • Construction and testing of short stacks and full stacks



Bipolar plate design development
CFD simulation bipolar plate
Last update:  30.11.2021