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Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Brokamp

group leader stack technology
Department fuel cells and stacks

Tel.: +49-203-7598-4286

Sealing solutions

The ZBT develops and produces sealing solutions for numerous fuel cell stack manufacturers worldwide.

Our dispenser-based application process enables high design flexibility in the development and prototyping phase, but is also suitable for series production of large quantities due to low application costs, high process stability and short cycle times.

Advantages of the ZBT sealing solution:

  • Mechanically robust sealing solution even for thin substrate materials
  • Increase in power density by up to 20% due to extremely compact seal designs
  • Prevention of water accumulation in the port area through integrated sealing structures
  • High design flexibility in the development phase
  • Cost-efficient, scalable process for high volume production
ZBT sealing solution
Last update:  16.06.2020