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Lars Kühnemann

Dipl.-Ing. Lars Kühnemann

Teamleader stack design for metallic bipolar plates
Department fuel cells and stacks

Tel.: +49-203-7598-1257

Stack testing

Within the framework of research projects and as an industrial service, ZBT characterizes and qualifies single cells, short stacks and full stacks.

For this purpose, an extensive infrastructure of automated test benches is available, on which fuel cell stacks are researched in highly dynamic operating cycles in continuous 24/7 operation.

Exemplary test programs:

  • Characterization / operation optimization / media supply / temperature control
  • Electrochemical analysis of MEA state and operating behaviour
  • Durability tests
  • Contaminant investigations
  • Load sequence operation / cycle tests
  • Ageing studies and accelerated stress tests
  • Climate tests

The modular design of our ZBT test benches also allows a flexible adaptation of actuators and sensors to special measuring tasks - please contact us if you are interested!

Last update:  30.11.2021