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Dipl.-Ing. Sönke Gößling

head of group system modelling
Department fuel cell systems

phone: +49-203-7598-1171

Fuel Cell System Modelling

In order to develop a fuel cell system, but also an individual system component, it is of great relevance to analyze the interactions of the entire fuel cell system. Fuel cell system simulations can be performed at  ZBT for a detailed examination. For this purpose a multiple validated and very accurate fuel cell model is used, which can be integrated into different development environments. The simulation of fuel cell systems always requires the implementation of control strategies and individual controllers, for which the corresponding competencies are available. The in situ and ex situ characterization and qualification of individual system components is also an essential part of the development work.

In the following you find an overview of our activities. If you have any questions, please contact us!


Fields of activity and services

  • Parameterization of  individual system components
  • Use of the ZBT 2D-1D fuel cell model
  • Simulation-supported analysis of the fuel cell system
  • Development/Integration of controller strategies and controllers
  • Parameterization of the fuel cell model
Fuel Cell System Modelling
Last update:  20.10.2020