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Dr. Volker Peinecke

head of
Department Electrochemical Components

phone: +49-203-7598-3120
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Coating process and CCM production

We are constantly developing our coating technologies further and, above all, we iteratively adapt the type of dispersions and dispersion processes to the various coating processes. The resulting coating quality and functionality can be determined and documented for each parameter change in the manufacturing process by recording real performance curves in our fuel cell test rigs.

In addition to the production of doctored samples, department EK has an ultrasonic coating unit with a heatable vacuum table and an inkjet unit at its disposal. Both indirect coatings on various substrates (I_CCM) and direct coatings on PFSA membranes (D_CCM) are our daily business here.

Especially for the production of I_CCM, which is based on electrode layers on substrate films, a hot press was purchased, which can laminate the electrodes onto the membrane under controlled temperature and pressure conditions, but also serves for the production of membranes with subgasket.

The produced electrode layers can be further analyzed with regard to layer thickness and weight. For this purpose, we have, among other things, a 3D surface measurement technique at our disposal (NanoFocus).

  • Development of coating processes and CCM production
  • Ultrasonic spraying, doctor blade, inkjet
  • Drying
  • Hotpressing/Lamination
  • Analysis of surface topography and layer thickness with 3D surface metrology
Last update:  06.10.2020