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ZBT has extensive know-how in the development, testing and analysis of hydrogen distribution and refuelling technologies as well as hydrogen quality, but also hydrogen safety and standardisation. More than 20 years of experience in hydrogen production, process and plant development and the safe handling of hydrogen and other fuels strengthen ZBT in addressing the following portfolio:

The ZBT has designed and built a high-pressure test facility for optimizing hydrogen filling stations on the grounds of its hydrogen test field. Since the site is not a commercial filling station, it enables the development, testing and operation of components and concepts under real conditions.
    Hydrogen distribution

For the market introduction of fuel cell-based mobility, efficient and cost-effective refueling technologies for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trains, etc. must be developed. The focus is on the targeted development and qualification of components and concepts of filling stations.
    Hydrogen refueling

Based on its many years of experience in trace gas analysis, the ZBT has established the hydrogen quality laboratory Hy-Lab. With the analytical methods developed, ZBT is able to determine hydrogen quality according to EN 17124:2022. In addition, the Hy-SaM, a CE-certified system for sampling at hydrogen filling stations, was developed.
    Hydrogen quality

At ZBT, we are working on the utilisation of ammonia for various applications, in particular decentralized hydrogen production using cracker systems.
    Ammonia utilisation

In theoretical work and studies, the ZBT deals with questions around hydrogen distribution concepts for the connection of industries as well as mobility (e.g. buses, trucks, inland vessels). We advise customers and project partners on safety, licensing and permitting for the construction and operation of hydrogen facilities (including test stands, production & filling stations).
    Safety and standardisation

In the field of hydrogen production, the know-how at ZBT covers the entire process chain from fuel desulfurisation and process-related component development to the complete hydrogen generator as a stand-alone system or for integration into overall systems.
    Hydrogen production

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