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Dr. Theresa Schredelseker

Research Management and Science Communication Officer

phone: +49 163 136-3357

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Prof. Dr. Harry Hoster

scientific director

phone: +49 203 7598-0

ZBT Research School

The ZBT Research School is a cross-departmental institution that serves the exchange on research topics related to hydrogen technologies.
In a weekly seminar series, members present status reports on planned, ongoing or recently completed projects, as well as scientific publications from the leading journals in hydrogen research.
Master's students and doctoral candidates report on the progress of their scientific work and receive valuable feedback from more experienced colleagues.

In addition, the ZBT Research School offers further training on interdisciplinary aspects of science and research.
These range from scientific writing, project acquisition and management, presentation and communication to data analysis and visualization.
At annual retreats, these and other methods are developed further and the exchange on selected topics is intensified.
At the annual symposium, members of the Research School engage in intensive professional exchange with colleagues from other research institutions working on similar topics.

The ZBT Research School was launched with a kick-off event on November 21, 2023 and has over 20 members.
It is led by Prof. Dr. Harry Hoster, Scientific Director of the ZBT, and Dr. Theresa Schredelseker, Research Management and Science Communication Officer.
Master's students and academic staff with or without a doctorate who work at the ZBT can apply for membership at any time.

Since January 2024, the ZBT has also been offering a PhD peer mentoring program that accompanies and supports doctoral candidates in their doctoral process.

Last update:  16.07.2024