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Speakers at ModVal 2023

Plenary Speakers

Portrait von Helge Goessling

Helge Goessling examines the functioning of the physical climate system and its predictability on scales from days to centuries. Since his graduation in biophysics at Humboldt University Berlin in 2008, global coupled climate models have been one of his main research tools. During his doctorate at the MPI for Meteorology 2009-2012, he researched the global water cycle and land-atmosphere interactions. Since 2012 at AWI, his focus has been on the prediction of sea ice conditions. His research also includes global aspects of climate change, extreme events, the earth's energy balance, and geo-engineering. Since 2022, Helge Goessling has been leading a joint project of the Helmholtz Earth-and-Environment Centers, in which observed extreme events of the recent past are simulated in different background climate states in order to better understand the influence of climate change on extremes.

Portait of Gregory Offer

Gregory Offer is Professor of Electrochemical Engineering at Imperial College London, is based in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and helps lead the interdepartmental Electrochemical Science and Engineering Group. His research focuses on both the experiments and modelling of batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells. Greg was a co-founder of the Faraday Institution in 2017, and is the PI of the Multi-Scale Modelling project, >£20M over 7 years including 9 institutions. Greg co-founded and organises the Future Propulsion Conference series in the UK, attracting over 600 delegates and exhibitors each year. Greg also co-founded and is Director of multiple spin-out companies, including Breathe Battery Technologies Ltd.

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